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OLARRA began manufacturing steel back in 1955. Since then, its high technology and assurance of consistent quality have enabled the Company to develop innovative products that have contributed to the progress of industry in general. Today, their use in the chemical, food processing, petrochemical and many other industries from part of daily life. None of this would have been possible without the original team of people who conveyed their experience and expertise to the new generation of employees who have continued to drive the Company forward with their own knowledge and ability to apply the latest in technology. Thanks to the will to improve and innovate which is so characteristic of both new and old employees we have attained the recognition that makes Aceros Inoxidables OLARRA famous all over the world.

The pride and satisfaction we feel is what spurs us on to offer newer and better products customized to meet the exact requirements of each customer.

Through this page, containing a presentation of the Company, we wish to renew our sincere commitment to continue improving in the future the high quality standards that have distinguished us in the past.

OLARRA manufactured steel for the first time in 1955, and from the very beginning specialized in the production of stainless steel. Since then, the Company's tradition and solid experience have facilitated the rapid incorporation of new technologies, making it possible for us to provide the flexibility and agility demanded by our customers.

A pioneer in Europe in producing stainless steel by AOD (Argon-Oxygen-Decarburization) process, which are now used by most stainless steel manufacturers, Aceros Inoxidables OLARRA is today the world's leader making stainless steel using the Horizontal Continuous Casting process. For more details click www.olarra.com                                                                                      Back

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