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Our company was established by Bashar Nouri, in 1977 under his name and began its working in the field of general trade, import & export raw materials for industry at the very beginning. Then the company expanded due to the increasing interests and huge demands of the Syrian local market, to reach the global international market in the worldwide.
The companies began its trading activities respectively in many different fields from Stainless steel bar, oil products & derivatives, and even communication & IT.
Nouri Group now is a leading establishment and a group of professional companies. The group consists of several companies dealing in different fields now…

Brief summary of Mr. Bashar Nouri career

1 - Bashar Nouri Co.
2 -
Nouri for Trading Co.
3 -
Nouri Solar USA
4 -
Rio Hair Co.
5 -
6 - RISO

7 -
United Auto Brokers

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